Trust (TSWL Ch.8)

After returning to the entry hall, seeds in hand, Jolene and Sasha were fretting about making it back before the beginning of the evening rush.  [Kari and Tomas, however, still had questions.] “Really.  I can find our way back.  All I have to do is keep the Lake on my left.” Jolene looked unconvinced but […]

Halls of Stone (TSWL Ch.7)

The day was clouding over as Jolene, Sasha, Kari, and Tomas ventured back out.  Jolene struck a significantly less urgent pace this time as she followed Sasha’s directions.  At the statue, they walked around it to go straight across the little square and continue onto a road which sloped gently upward.  At the end of […]

To Market (TSWL Ch.6)

When Tomas awoke again, nestled warmly among the covers in his bed at Jolene’s, sunlight shone cheerfully around the drawn curtains.  Kari was still sleeping soundly, so he took his time waking his body up, stretching his legs as far down as they’d go and enjoying the sensation of the muscles in his back slowly […]

Poking Around (TSWL Ch.5)

It was dark when Tomas awoke.  He’d fallen asleep at a bad angle, and he could feel it in his neck.  Sitting up and stretching, he found that his back was also unhappy with him.  No surprise there; he’d just walked two days from Brin, bearing his whole life in a pack on his shoulders.  […]

The City of Stone (TSWL Ch.4)

A damp, chilly morning greeted Tomas as he opened his eyes.  Peeking his head out of the tent, he found Kari sitting with her back against a tree, facing the Lake.  Her eyes were closed.  “Sleep well?”  She didn’t open her eyes as she said it. “You were supposed to wake me up for another […]

Departure (TSWL Ch.3)

One warm, sunny winter day, a meeting was called in the center of town.  Nobody could remember the last time this had happened, if indeed it had ever happened at all.  Tomas stayed toward the edge of the crowd, watching.  Grant and Jillian stood on a platform at the center of things, accustomed as they […]

Gathering Darkness (TSWL Ch.2)

“So we treat him like a bees’ nest.  He hasn’t done anything malicious, after all.”  Grant nervously wiped down his bar, despite its shiny, immaculate surface.  Otherwise, though, he was a picture of calm detachment. “And what if the bees are angered without our provocation?  Cougars attack because they’re hungry or territorial, not because we […]

First Contact (TSWL Ch.1)

Tomas sat back in his chair and savored the last few sips of his hot beachgrape tea, smiling as he savored both the warmth of the drink and its cool, refreshing flavor.  It tasted much like the sunset looked, splayed over and upon the freezing Lake before him.  [If you’ve never tried beachgrape tea hot, […]

A Dash For Cash

Aw, crap, where’d they go? As the branches whizzed past my head, the sound of Darcy’s hooves tearing through the forest undergrowth now drowned out the snarls of the reptilian monstrosities, but I knew they were still after me. There was always someone after me… Darcy bounded over a rotting log, and as I turned […]

New Here? Start Here!

“Sure is peaceful out here,” Cley said from the back of the line, into the quiet surrounding them. Three seasoned adventurers and a seasoned farmhand trudged through a gathering evening in the Vaç Forest, following a barely maintained trail as it snaked northward, following the shore of Oandors, the great northern lake.  The path was […]